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Pledge your Support


Messages from the climb team

  1. Made it to Marungu Gate and the end of our trek. Very grateful to God for his protection and grateful to Acts Africa for their tremendous care and expertise.
  2. Stopping for lunch at Mandara hut en route to the park gate
  3. We've made it back to Kibo Hut and are enjoying a short rest before heading to Homburu hut (camp) for the night. Amazing day. Everyone is tired but thrilled.
  4. Just made Uhuru peak!
  5. We are leaving Kibo Hut for the 6 hour trek to Uhuru peak, the summit of Kilimanjaro!
  6. We are now at Kibo Hut (15,500 ft) where we will rest until 11:30 pm tonight. Then we begin the trek to Uhuru peak. 6 hours to ascend 3600 ft, to 19,100.
  7. Begin your hike to kibo hut. Everyone is still doing well.
  8. We made it down the hill very quickly and are now enjoying hot chocolate. Great day!
  9. The acclimatization hike was very exciting. We made it to the peak just as a thunderstorm storm rolled up the mountain complete with gravel size hail.
  10. After lunch and a nap. We take an acclimatization hike to 15000 feet and back. Everyone is doing well!
  11. We have made it to Marwenzi Tarn. 2 miles and 2000 feet elevation gain from Kikelelwa camp.
  12. We have arrived at Kikelewa camp. Tired but everyone is still doing great! Our guides are the greatest. So knowledgeable and a lot of fun.
  13. We stopped for lunch at the Second Cave camp. Nearly 3000 feet of gain since Simba Camp. Everyone still doing well.
  14. Beautiful morning on Kilimanjaro. Staring our day at Simba camp.
  15. Hello everyone. Just arrived at Simba camp for the evening. Everyone doing great.
  16. Jambo! We are beginning our trek. Everyone is doing well.


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• Jason Smith  • Kimberly Wilkes  • Sharon Gresham  • Kathryn Williams  • Gregory Tomlin  • Tammy Cook  • Bonnie Higgins  • John Stewart  • Kent Reynolds  • John and Portland J. Mithen  • Keren W Roark Roark  • Kenneth Hugghins  • Doug Miller  • Peggy Wilson  • James Parker  • Pete Pawelek Pawelek  • Tom Donaldson  • Michael Lehnhardt  • Kevin McBride  • William Jones  • Carl Heath  • Sue Clifton  • Chip and Susan Dodson  • Royce Dodd Dodd  • Debra Holder  • Jim McKinney  • Brenda Johnson  • Betty Whitson  • Teresa Monk  • David Riley  • Joseph Cathey  • Greg Tomlin 


Theological education in Tanzania

$5,000.00 / $5,000.00

B. H. Carroll scholarships

$3,745.00 / $14,300.00

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the climb is tough but the view is worth it

The best way to see the lay of the land is to climb to its highest peak. From the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro all of Tanzania is visible. It is a country where the Baptist witness has struggled to gain a foothold.

We believe the Lord is calling us to support the vision our Baptist brothers and sisters as they develop their model of theological education in the country. That’s why we’re working to make an investment there and draw attention to the desperate need. B. H. Carroll Theological Institute’s President, Dr. Gene Wilkes, will join a team of climbers to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania February 18-23.

We ask that you prayerfully consider giving to support the development of theological education in Tanzania and to provide scholarships for B. H. Carroll students. Please consider how you can help by donating for each of Mt. Kilimanjaro’s 19,300 feet. Our goal is $19,300 ($5,000 for theological education in Tanzania and $14,300 for B. H. Carroll scholarships).

Pledge your Support



The Gate to the Narrow Path

The Gate to the Narrow Path

Day 6 —
Horombo Hut to Marungo Gate

The narrow path up the mountain—and through life—is the only way to get where Christ wants us to go. Follow the narrow way of the Lord.

Time Zones and Multiple Climates

Time Zones and Multiple Climates

Day 5 —
Kibo Hut to Uhuru Peak

Changing climate zones on Kilimanjaro means changing clothes often. Each offers something different, just like our changing lives. Be ready.

Fellowship on the Journey

Fellowship on the Journey

Day 4 —
Mawenzi Tarn Camp to Kibo Hut

No man is an island. Especially on a mountain.

Don't Go Without a Guide

Don’t Go Without a Guide

Day 3 —
Kikelewa Camp to Mawenzi Tarn Camp

The first step in getting up the mountain safely is hiring a good, experienced guide. When spiritual mountains lay ahead, lean on your Guide.

Darkness and the Presence of God

Darkness and the Presence of God

Day 2 —
Simba Camp to Kikelewa Camp

God chose to commune with Moses in a black hole of holiness. Yes, you read that right.

A Voice in the Cloud

A Voice in the Cloud

Day 1 —
Marangu Gate to Simba Camp

Clouds of trouble and confusion may sometimes obscure your vision. But even when you can’t see, God still speaks—just like he did to Jesus’ disciples.


Gene’s Climb is complete, but you can always support Carroll and Tanzania at:


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